Shear entertainment


They say it’s your birthday

Scene: a busy morning at our local Starbucks. Lucie has dragged Mama K to the bathroom while Mama C waits in line to order breakfast. It is Lucie’s 3rd birthday. Mama K and Lucie join Mama C.

Lucie: What’s that? (points to cake pop in the display case)

Mama C: Oh, nothing.

Lucie: Want that. (eager pointing)

Mama K to Mama C: She really wants it.

Mama C: She’s not having cake for breakfast.

Lucie: That! That! That!

Mama K: But it’s her birthday.

Mama C (sing song voice): She doesn’t know that.

Lucie: Mama. Mommy. Mommy. Mama. (pointing)

Mama C: No, Lucie.

Lucie: Mama! Mommeeeeeeeee!

Mama C: Lucie, I said–



The title of this blog entry is an appropriate reaction to Little Bug’s latest addition to her vocabulary: “no.”

We somehow made it two years, seven months and eleven days without that word being uttered from her lips (and the defiant action to follow).

On the plus side, at least it wasn’t her very first word, like a certain blogger we all know (hint: it’s me).


And that’s enough of that

Last month we drove down to Ashland, OR for a quick getaway. The front desk at the resort dutifully asked us if we wanted a roll-away bed for Lucie. We looked at our huge king-sized bed and replied a very cavalier “nah, we’re good.” I mean, how much room did two and a half people need?


Apparently it wasn’t the “two” so much as the “half.” Oh, yeah…that “half” indeed.



The smallest person in the party slept sideways(!) and would kick one mama in the face/side/legs for a term, then, just like a little, evil clock, she would rotate on a mysterious axis and do it to the other.  In the meantime, the victim would cling to the edge of the bed like a survivor in a life raft, trying to get as far away from the abuse without abandoning her duty as “human bed rail.”  Tom, the corgi, was the wisest.  He slept on the couch in the other room.

The next day, we were fortunate enough to stay awake for a full day’s drive back home, unbeknownst to a blissfully, business-as-usual, snoozing toddler in the backseat. Good for her.


This week the Two are in Hawai’i.




The Half? She is at home with her grandparents… blissfully business-as-usual.



The Birthday Haul


Yo, Lucie here. Wow, turning two was amazing! I am going to look back on this  day and say: “Really? All that happened?” I read up on when long term memories start to stick and I realize the chances of recalling my second birthday with any sort of accuracy are pretty low… so let’s make the best of it! Since everything you read online is true, here’s my recollection of 4.5.16, a.k.a. Birthday Numero Dos:

I got a singing birthday card from my grandparents!

The other grandparents saw this and got me two more!

Bob Barker came out of retirement and gave me… a new car!


Chicken gave me a sweater


Cathy’s workmates sent me a special message


Gas was free!


I got a makeover by Snoop


My grandparents came all the way from the East Coast to help me get litter-8



And then… it was over


But there’s always the next… what was it called? Oh yeah– BIRTHDAY!


The Silent Partner

The beginning of the interview...
The beginning of the interview…

A chat with Mama K, as instigated by Mama C.


What is your favorite food of LB’s to steal? Don’t say none because I see you sneak tastes every now and again.

Her mango kale pouch.


What’s one thing you miss about life pre-child?

Going to the grocery store whenever I want. Just running in to grab something that should take five minutes now takes ½ hour.


How come it takes you ½ hour?

Finding a parking space close enough to the cart corral in the parking lot, getting her bag ready getting her in and out of the car seat, put her in the cart, changing and/or feeding her in the store…


Words of advice for new parents or parents to be?

Patience will come, even when you think you have none and you are at your wit’s end… you will find the patience you need.


Things you think you are doing right?

Giving her enough attention. I don’t believe I’m smothering her and letting her cry it out, but I also think that she knows she is cared for and is loved.


What are you going to do differently upon Round 2 (if that happens)?

Not worry the first night in the hospital that I don’t know what I’m doing or worry about what I got myself into.


If you had an extra couple of hours per day what would you do during that time?

Check and respond to email. That’s just not the first thing on my mind anymore.


Do you think people give allowance for that fact?

I hope so, I don’t know if everybody does, but I certainly hope they do.


Grossest baby experience thus far?

Projectile vomit as I’m watching it happen… onto me. Twice.


If you could raise our baby during any other time in history, when would you choose and why?

The 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution so things are changing, before both world wars, lots of exploration, advances in medicine.


What about if you had to raise her someplace else (present day)?

Sweden sticks in my head, but any of the Nordic countries. I feel like the governments care for their people and fewer people, more resources. All in all happy.


How do you feel about the babysitter feeding her Girl Scout cookies?

Well considering I’m not getting mad at daycare for feeding her what they are feeding her… I just want her to get exposed to a variety of foods so that she doesn’t binge on anything like when we go out or when she’s at a friend’s house. As long as she gets good stuff when she’s at home.


What do you think she’ll think of each of us?

She’s going to think you’re the fun one. I’m the stick in the mud. I think she will know we love her very much and that she sees two responsible people who had a kid because they wanted one and don’t see her as a burden.


You have to say something nice about yourself.

I think I am rather patient with her.


Now say something nice about daycare.

They really like her. And I feel like she’s treated with care and kindness and everyone lights up when they see her: kids, teachers…


What do you think LB’s favorite toy is (at the moment)?

She seems to like the jingly toy or pretty much any blanket that you put in front of her.


Guesses on her first word?

Cheese. Or dog, she really likes the dogs.


El fin. Baby fell over.


In one ear

Hey friends! In a recent visit to the audiologist, we learned that Lucie has hearing in her right ear and nothing in the left.  We’re going back next month for a follow up, when we’ll hope to learn more.  The cause of the left ear condition is unknown, but there seems to be no alarm from the professionals.

In the meantime, we are having fun sneaking up on the poor kid.  It seems that having two fully functioning ears helps to locate the origin of sounds.  Good thing she’s not a bat!

As a side note, we have been referred to our county Early Intervention services, which is basically like a free parenting tutor.  Though Lucie isn’t talking yet, the specialist seems okay with her progress enough to let us know that she will probably be ineligible after age three.  We’re cool with that.

Okay, has anyone else been imagining a 1/2 deaf bat bumping into things like a cartoon character?  Ah, life.


Hi World, Little Bug here.  I’m still learning about language, so encountering things like prepositions and homonyms and Spanish vs. English are really providing a lot of blog fodder– unfortunately the Mamas have been running around like Yorkies with their meds cut off (?), so they haven’t been too communicative.  That’s where I come in.  Baby Blogger to the rescue.

Let’s see… there’s the time I learned the difference between eating with the spoon and eating from the spoon.  See it in my inactive hand, all nice and clean?


Then when confronted about my mess, I started to use my spoon again and vehemently denied eating yogurt with my bare hand.  #playingdumb


The Mamas said they were going to work off their baby weight (not sure why I get blamed for both).  So I helped; I’m technically a baby weight, right?


There’s the time that I got my “mugshot”, but no one told me it was not an actual police photo.  I do not understand this sarcasm concept yet.



One day Mama C told me to “calm down.” So if by “calm” she meant “remove” and by “down” she meant “my headband”, then I sure did.


These guys at the bar were saying what a “snooze-fest” the Michigan/Penn State football game was.  What a great idea!

Asleep in Mama’s lap with 3 minutes left to go in the game.


I’m always getting called “Little This” or “Little That.”  So in the spirit of baby kangaroos (random, I know), I did my best Joey impression from that old TV show, “Blossom.”


I was told to respect my elders.  Is imitation not the best form of flattery?



Come to think of it, maybe it’s not a semantics issue.  Perhaps it’s just that as the smallest person it the house, the odds are just stacked against me.  It’s all good, though.  As long as there is music in the world.  And many years to plot my revenge.