Hey Little Bug, hey Little Bug—

You are pulchritude.

And just because that means beauty,

Don’t you let some dude

Make you feel dumb for being smart, if that’s what you end up to be.


Hey Junior Bug, hey Little Mug

You can wear his clothes, or you can wear hers

You can wear old clothes

Or your hair up each day, if you prefer.

Winter in summer, dark in the dark, pink top with red shoes.

A smile.  Or not.  You get to choose.


Lucie Louis Louie, my kid

They’ll armchair your life, making calls from afar

Naming you names they would not give their moms,

Saying things when you dared show your face, more than they can say,

Saying things as AnonymousUser69

Saying the things to say the things.

If you take a big step, which I hope you do,

Out in the world, or out on the line,

Make sure it is for none other than you you you.


Little Bug Little Bug

You’ve got your mama’s heart

And your mama’s laugh

And your mama’s pout

And your mamas’ hearts

Yes, as in love.

You’ve got your mama’s push

And your mama’s touch

And possibly all that we’ve got to give.

You you you.  You you you.