They say it’s your birthday

Scene: a busy morning at our local Starbucks. Lucie has dragged Mama K to the bathroom while Mama C waits in line to order breakfast. It is Lucie’s 3rd birthday. Mama K and Lucie join Mama C.

Lucie: What’s that? (points to cake pop in the display case)

Mama C: Oh, nothing.

Lucie: Want that. (eager pointing)

Mama K to Mama C: She really wants it.

Mama C: She’s not having cake for breakfast.

Lucie: That! That! That!

Mama K: But it’s her birthday.

Mama C (sing song voice): She doesn’t know that.

Lucie: Mama. Mommy. Mommy. Mama. (pointing)

Mama C: No, Lucie.

Lucie: Mama! Mommeeeeeeeee!

Mama C: Lucie, I said–



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