Beauty School

I’m no fashion expert. If I was, the world would be wearing workout clothes for everyday outfits.  Oh, wait.  I’m being told that’s an actual thing now– who knew?

Well, I may get the clothes right on occasion, but I know I definitely don’t get the hair.  As Gina Linetti from “Brooklyn Nine Nine” asks another hair-challenged character: “Did you make the cover of ‘Hair Pulled Back Magazine?'”  I would subscribe to that.


Except when it comes to Little Bug’s hair.  In that case, we drop her off at the hair salon (aka Daycare) and get back a very sensibly styled kid.  Observe the before and after:

So yes, we pay $300/week for French braids.  And indiscernible artwork.  This just goes toward the $300,000 it is estimated to cost a parent raising a kid these days.  Can’t buy me love?  I beg to differ, Patrick Dempsey.


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