In the spirit of randomness

Little Bug was handed a piece of a donut this morning. Her (version of) words in this order were: “Oh no! What happened? Thank you.”


At first, I thought it was this random string of sayings that she concocted. The mamas laughed. Then, I realized it was because she thought the donut was broken. Hey! Empathy is pretty great to see, even if it’s for an inanimate object, right? I think so.

And of course is the politeness that ensued, even though I was rude enough to eat the majority of the donut. I haven’t been conscious of politeness, but we’ve been told that she’s up there in terms of manners.

Our kid may not say much, but she’s got her p’s and q’s.  Or at least her “pwee”s and “din doo”s.


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