The Missing

Car keys. Cell phone. Five dollars. Hair brush. These are some of the things that Lucie has taken from counters or tables and moved/hidden/thrown away. Thanks to the Tile, we have tracked down #1 and #2 on that list. The money? It’s probably in a landfill somewhere, degrading among the banana peels and tissues and Ace of Base CDs. And the whereabouts of the hair brush is yet to be determined. Maybe under a couch cushion or in the dog’s room. I haven’t checked Lucie’s kitchenette play set, so that’s always a possiblity. Mmmmm, “microwaved” hair brush.

Also, as you’ll observe below, the hot seat doesn’t really work very well at this age.

Anyway, if anyone is materialistic prior to having a kid, they sure aren’t afterwards. You just can’t afford to be “thing-centric” as a parent, neither financially nor psychologically.  I mean, people vs. things was a no-brainer the instant Lucie was born, but just in case I forget, there’s the constant breaking, ripping, ruining, staining, crumpling, denting, and oh yeah– thieving.

PS- makers of Tile, if you want to send us a check for the endorsement, feel free to leave a message! We could use the money…


I Forgot to Remember

That kid shoes wear out… In the toes.


That hair can be referred to as a “rat’s nest.”



That getting wet used to be fun.


That just because you’re at a birthday party (with unicorn ponies, btw), it doesn’t mean you have to have fun.


That you really do need to scrub behind the ears. A lot.

That there is no better time to figure out “who wore it best.”


That anything is fair game for a napkin. No discrimination based on color, creed, price, veteran status or sexual orientation.

That building with buddies is better.


That a smile always makes being naughty more adorable.

That matching is cute.


That a bad haircut is not the end of the world.


That if I could bottle up toddler laughter, I would.