Naming Rights

I have awesome news. (Mom, sit down, it’s not what you think.) If and when we get pregnant again, Mama K told me I have not 50%, not 75%, but 100% control over the next baby’s name! She forgets that we completely came up with Lucie’s name together, but… no take-backs!

And this was even after she saw me do our current kid’s hair!

The Lopsided Puppy Ears look is in this year?


After Mama K told me this and I calmed down (so, maybe 3-4 solid minutes of me hooting and hollering), I made it worse by going down the list of things I’ve named in the past:

Bird named Arnie

Bird named Checkmate (when I was learning to play chess)

Dog named Penny (after an obscure MacGyver character)

Female rodent named Eddie

Dog named Jack and then changed to Pac (like Pac Man)

Dog named Chicken

Cars named: Lil’ Champ (because it took my bad decisions in stride), Wimpy, Sharky, Ice Ice Baby, Bo Jackson and my current car, Donald Trump.

Silence. I also let Mama K know that I had a cactus as a kid. I decided to call it “Pricky.” My mom said, “Absolutely not!” and I asked her “Why not?” for about a minute or two and then settled on “Pokey.”

I’ll leave the readers with this final nugget… Lucie has part of my last name as her middle name. Cute, right? Well, the rest of my last name is “Bart,” and I’m all about keeping traditions.



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