Poo Chronicles

The “omigosh, it’s not even that bad, why all the fuss” early infant poo

Tar poo

Sandpaper poo

Nugget poo

“Your turn, I did it last time” poo

“Your turn, unless you threaten to divorce me” poo

“Okay, I’ll pay you $20 to change her” poo

New diaper poo

No diaper poo

Toot poo

Rash poo

Poo poo

“Are you seriously writing about that?” poo

Public place poo

White cashmere sweater poo

Already ten minutes late poo

Big smile poo

Thinking… Nope, poo

Out of diapers? Great! poo

Right here, right now poo

Betcha didn’t even know poo

“I saw afterbirth, and this is ten times worse” poo

Sitting on your lap poo

Squatting in the corner poo



Potty training is irrelevant poo

Stinky poo

Ghost poo

Poo, too poo

Sorry, not sorry poo





One thought on “Poo Chronicles

  1. Andrea

    Waaay back in the recesses of my mind I know this post is true for all parents, but it still freaks me out! Can I hire a full time nanny for just taking care of poo and spit up?

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