And that’s enough of that

Last month we drove down to Ashland, OR for a quick getaway. The front desk at the resort dutifully asked us if we wanted a roll-away bed for Lucie. We looked at our huge king-sized bed and replied a very cavalier “nah, we’re good.” I mean, how much room did two and a half people need?


Apparently it wasn’t the “two” so much as the “half.” Oh, yeah…that “half” indeed.



The smallest person in the party slept sideways(!) and would kick one mama in the face/side/legs for a term, then, just like a little, evil clock, she would rotate on a mysterious axis and do it to the other.  In the meantime, the victim would cling to the edge of the bed like a survivor in a life raft, trying to get as far away from the abuse without abandoning her duty as “human bed rail.”  Tom, the corgi, was the wisest.  He slept on the couch in the other room.

The next day, we were fortunate enough to stay awake for a full day’s drive back home, unbeknownst to a blissfully, business-as-usual, snoozing toddler in the backseat. Good for her.


This week the Two are in Hawai’i.




The Half? She is at home with her grandparents… blissfully business-as-usual.




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