The Birthday Haul


Yo, Lucie here. Wow, turning two was amazing! I am going to look back on this  day and say: “Really? All that happened?” I read up on when long term memories start to stick and I realize the chances of recalling my second birthday with any sort of accuracy are pretty low… so let’s make the best of it! Since everything you read online is true, here’s my recollection of 4.5.16, a.k.a. Birthday Numero Dos:

I got a singing birthday card from my grandparents!

The other grandparents saw this and got me two more!

Bob Barker came out of retirement and gave me… a new car!


Chicken gave me a sweater


Cathy’s workmates sent me a special message


Gas was free!


I got a makeover by Snoop


My grandparents came all the way from the East Coast to help me get litter-8



And then… it was over


But there’s always the next… what was it called? Oh yeah– BIRTHDAY!



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