The Silent Partner

The beginning of the interview...
The beginning of the interview…

A chat with Mama K, as instigated by Mama C.


What is your favorite food of LB’s to steal? Don’t say none because I see you sneak tastes every now and again.

Her mango kale pouch.


What’s one thing you miss about life pre-child?

Going to the grocery store whenever I want. Just running in to grab something that should take five minutes now takes ½ hour.


How come it takes you ½ hour?

Finding a parking space close enough to the cart corral in the parking lot, getting her bag ready getting her in and out of the car seat, put her in the cart, changing and/or feeding her in the store…


Words of advice for new parents or parents to be?

Patience will come, even when you think you have none and you are at your wit’s end… you will find the patience you need.


Things you think you are doing right?

Giving her enough attention. I don’t believe I’m smothering her and letting her cry it out, but I also think that she knows she is cared for and is loved.


What are you going to do differently upon Round 2 (if that happens)?

Not worry the first night in the hospital that I don’t know what I’m doing or worry about what I got myself into.


If you had an extra couple of hours per day what would you do during that time?

Check and respond to email. That’s just not the first thing on my mind anymore.


Do you think people give allowance for that fact?

I hope so, I don’t know if everybody does, but I certainly hope they do.


Grossest baby experience thus far?

Projectile vomit as I’m watching it happen… onto me. Twice.


If you could raise our baby during any other time in history, when would you choose and why?

The 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution so things are changing, before both world wars, lots of exploration, advances in medicine.


What about if you had to raise her someplace else (present day)?

Sweden sticks in my head, but any of the Nordic countries. I feel like the governments care for their people and fewer people, more resources. All in all happy.


How do you feel about the babysitter feeding her Girl Scout cookies?

Well considering I’m not getting mad at daycare for feeding her what they are feeding her… I just want her to get exposed to a variety of foods so that she doesn’t binge on anything like when we go out or when she’s at a friend’s house. As long as she gets good stuff when she’s at home.


What do you think she’ll think of each of us?

She’s going to think you’re the fun one. I’m the stick in the mud. I think she will know we love her very much and that she sees two responsible people who had a kid because they wanted one and don’t see her as a burden.


You have to say something nice about yourself.

I think I am rather patient with her.


Now say something nice about daycare.

They really like her. And I feel like she’s treated with care and kindness and everyone lights up when they see her: kids, teachers…


What do you think LB’s favorite toy is (at the moment)?

She seems to like the jingly toy or pretty much any blanket that you put in front of her.


Guesses on her first word?

Cheese. Or dog, she really likes the dogs.


El fin. Baby fell over.



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