Maniac, Maniac

Remember that scene from Jennifer Beals’ Flashdance when she’s dancing to “Maniac”?  Yeah, me neither, which is why I had to look it up on “YouTube.”

Lo and behold, I saw that dance move replicated tonight, when Mama K put a plate of chocolate chip cookies above Little Bug’s reach.  The “Maniac” stomp!  Followed by 90 seconds of crying and burying her face in the couch pillows.  Remind me to stain treat the fabric later.

I was going to post the 80’s movie clip, but since we are trying to teach LB not to run around without pants on, I’m going to share this instead.  It’s way pun-ier and he is fully clothed.

Click HERE to laugh a little and then imagine LB doing this with her short little legs and a pout on her face.



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