In one ear

Hey friends! In a recent visit to the audiologist, we learned that Lucie has hearing in her right ear and nothing in the left.  We’re going back next month for a follow up, when we’ll hope to learn more.  The cause of the left ear condition is unknown, but there seems to be no alarm from the professionals.

In the meantime, we are having fun sneaking up on the poor kid.  It seems that having two fully functioning ears helps to locate the origin of sounds.  Good thing she’s not a bat!

As a side note, we have been referred to our county Early Intervention services, which is basically like a free parenting tutor.  Though Lucie isn’t talking yet, the specialist seems okay with her progress enough to let us know that she will probably be ineligible after age three.  We’re cool with that.

Okay, has anyone else been imagining a 1/2 deaf bat bumping into things like a cartoon character?  Ah, life.


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