Happy Holidays

Compliments of LB’s babysitters.




Hi World, Little Bug here.  I’m still learning about language, so encountering things like prepositions and homonyms and Spanish vs. English are really providing a lot of blog fodder– unfortunately the Mamas have been running around like Yorkies with their meds cut off (?), so they haven’t been too communicative.  That’s where I come in.  Baby Blogger to the rescue.

Let’s see… there’s the time I learned the difference between eating with the spoon and eating from the spoon.  See it in my inactive hand, all nice and clean?


Then when confronted about my mess, I started to use my spoon again and vehemently denied eating yogurt with my bare hand.  #playingdumb


The Mamas said they were going to work off their baby weight (not sure why I get blamed for both).  So I helped; I’m technically a baby weight, right?


There’s the time that I got my “mugshot”, but no one told me it was not an actual police photo.  I do not understand this sarcasm concept yet.



One day Mama C told me to “calm down.” So if by “calm” she meant “remove” and by “down” she meant “my headband”, then I sure did.


These guys at the bar were saying what a “snooze-fest” the Michigan/Penn State football game was.  What a great idea!

Asleep in Mama’s lap with 3 minutes left to go in the game.


I’m always getting called “Little This” or “Little That.”  So in the spirit of baby kangaroos (random, I know), I did my best Joey impression from that old TV show, “Blossom.”


I was told to respect my elders.  Is imitation not the best form of flattery?



Come to think of it, maybe it’s not a semantics issue.  Perhaps it’s just that as the smallest person it the house, the odds are just stacked against me.  It’s all good, though.  As long as there is music in the world.  And many years to plot my revenge.


Other People’s Kids

I’m not going to lie.  It has been a busy, hectic, stressful month and it’s only day six.  That’s why you’re getting two internet-linked blog posts in a row.  But this collection of humor truly brought a smile to my face and I’m hoping that the levity of the other parents out there (via Twitter posts) brightens your day, too.

Click here to enjoy!