Parlor Tricks


Well, look who learned a few things!

A friend asked why we were saying “bad baby” to Lucie.

  1. She won’t say “baby” without the modifier.
  2. It’s funny and sometimes accurate.

Lucie said “da da” a long time ago.  Mama K chooses to ignore that fact.  Now she says “mama.”  It’s very cool until you realize that she means either food or water.

We don’t know where she learned to smack her head, but she started doing it one night.  Then we started doing it, too, and we pretended like we taught it to her first.  Denial is a parent’s best friend sometimes.

Finally, you would think that for as much as she walks around that she would have a bit less of a food gut.  Oh well.


One thought on “Parlor Tricks

  1. Brooke Brown

    If Lucie learned to smack her head after visiting The Brown’s for the weekend, then it’s entirely possible she picked this up from Anders. Sorry. Just hope that she doesn’t progress to pounding her head on the wall over and over while making eye contact with you.

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