Bedtime Story

Every evening the mamas check in on their Little Bug after she is put to bed and before they close their own eyes to visit their own dreams for the night.


One time, not too long ago, the mamas peeled their tired bodies from the downstairs sofa and reluctantly turned off the stream of “Band of Brothers” before it sucked them into another captivating episode.  They gathered their sleepy dogs and trundled up the stairs, hand in hand, shutting off the house lights as they went.  “Mint Chip, Mint Chip,” they whispered down the hallway, since Little Bug’s pajamas were a fresh, minty color and, her hair was the color of a chocolate candy.  “Mint Chip…”

The mamas crept into Little Bug’s room with care not to trip on the books strewn about from an earlier, um, episode.  They softly spoke to her and expressed their love and care as they covered their sleepy darling with a nearby blanket.  Little Bug did not even wake up as they swept her hair away from her tiny face and stroked her resting hands with theirs.

Without opening her eyes, Little Bug rolled gently over and the mamas sighed with adoration.  Suddenly there was a break in the silence.

Bbbbbbbffffttt.  Pfft.

Little Bug tooted.  Mama C then woke the baby with her uncontrolled, juvenile laughing fit.  In vain, the mamas pushed each other out of the room as quickly as they could, leaving the baby confused and slightly perturbed.

The end.


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