And SPStW,BDA (stuff people seem to wonder, but don’t ask)

Any more in the future?

We’re trying.


How does that work?

Well, when two mamas love each other… they look through a donor database and make an appointment for inter-uterine insemination (IUI).  No Petri dishes or drugs–just the injection.  We could do this at home, but opt for the doctor’s office because there seems to be a direct relationship between stuff we really shouldn’t spill (e.g. hot beverages, red wine, paint) and the likelihood of spilling.  A limited sperm sample costing hundreds of dollars?  Butterfingers.

Is it the same father?

Yes, but we call him the donor to be clear.

What’s he like?

Besides generous?  Though we know a few stats, we keep details to a minimum in hopes of reducing the expectations that we or others have for Lucie.  Also, we don’t have a photo because the donor is local and we live in a small, inter-connected city; this helps to preserve the anonymity.  And prevents an awkward elevator ride in the inevitable future.

Oh, come on.  No details?

His heritage is 1/2  Japanese, and then Puerto Rican, Panamanian and Portuguese.

Who is going to carry the child?


Mama K again.  This decision was due to a number of factors: desire/willingness, age, health, and job flexibility.  Besides, many people (including a handful of knowing medical professionals) believe our current daughter to be born of Mama C.  Seriously, though… we feel extremely fortunate to be able to have a choice in the first place.

Got any potential names for the new baby?

Nice try.

Last question: Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin?

See for yourself.


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