By any other name

Mama C: When I was a kid, my mom called me “Sport” and “Kiddo.”  What about you?

Mama K: My parents called me… Kathryn.

Mama C: Oh.

Mama K: Yep.

Mama C: What do you think Lucie thinks her name is?

Mama K: Little Bug?

Mama C: LB!

Mama K: Bug-o.

Mama C: Bug-o Mug-o!

Mama K: Junior.

Mama C: Junior-Munior!

Mama K: “Hey, stop that.”

Mama C: “What’s wrong now?”

Mama K: “Get out of there.”

Mama K: “No no no no!”

Mama C: “Leave the dogs alone.”

Mamas K & C: ha ha ha ha.

Do these sunglasses come in extra large clown size? We are amusing (ourselves) today.

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