Best acting duo in a comedy series goes to…

…the mamas!

– When LB threw her head forward and bonked it on the table at a restaurant, Mama C pretended like it was the most fun anyone had experienced in their life to avoid a public tantrum.  Mama K joined by elevating her voice to a saccharine level reserved for emergencies and they both ended up drawing more attention to themselves than if they just let Lucie cry it out.

– In a hotel room, there is not much room to hide.  When Lucie popped her head up to see why the mamas were still up (watching TV), Mama K ducked out of Lucie’s line of vision and Mama C covered her eyes with her hand and watched TV through her fingers.  Remaining very, very still.


– Despite being thoroughly entertained by Lucie’s antics (pulling the wipes out of the container, stuffing food in her mouth like a rodent, vocalizing randomly and repeatedly in a public space), the mamas put on their most serious faces to dole out corrective action.


Who, me?
Who, me?

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