Thank you

[I wrote this seven years ago via another social medium. Having just found it on my computer, I wanted to share these words of thanks for Ma and Pa.]

Saturday, March 29, 2008 

Dear Mom and Dad

Thank you.

For coaching, PTA-ing, chauffeuring, hosting, proofreading, Band-Aiding, math tutoring, funding, grounding, and making me always wear a seat belt.

Thank you for babysitting teenagers… I mean managing a Subway restaurant to put me through college, so I didn’t have to take out a single loan.

Thank you for moving me 2,000 miles away from your home when I decided to see what was on the other coast.

Thank you for supporting who I am, who I love and who I aspire to be.

Thank you for making me play with cutout cardboard toys and old household objects, and for not buying me the newest plastic crap to hit the market each Christmas. Thank you for making me save up for my first bike, pair of Rollerblades and contact lenses.

Thank you for not letting me grow up too soon and for not staying a child too long.

Thanks for looking the other way when I chose to be the opinionated, jerk-faced, superiority complex burdened teenager that I was. Thanks for being my virtual sponge, soaking in all of the crap I dished out and then quietly wringing it out when I left in a rage or a huff.

Thank you for waiting an hour in line at the school carnival’s haunted house, only for me to chicken out at the last minute. Thank you for buying the basketball team toilet paper for TP-ing back when we thought it was a great Friday night activity. And thank you for always giving me a book instead of turning on the TV.

Thank you for making me pick up the litter on the sidewalk.

Oh, and thanks for actually giving the Simpsons a chance and lifting the ban on watching it.

It may be 28 years too late, but…

Thank you.

7:12 PM


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