The road to infamy

One day ago, the BFF showed me the Tumblr website, “Reasons My Son is Crying.” (Say ‘goodbye’ to hopes of a productive workday.) One day later, I put my very favorite picture of LB on it.


Misery loves company, apparently, as there are 114 pages of similar pathos on the site.  Yesterday was picture day at daycare.  We were told that for nine hours they tried unsuccessfully to take a photo of Little Bug throughout the day.  Kate came home with this voucher for a JC Penny photo session instead.


I love the fact that a) they have these pre-made and b) it looks like this.  Personally, I would have enjoyed a picture of Mad Bug, but I can see how most parents would not appreciate (nor pay money for) that.  Kate and I had a long philosophical discussion this morning about whether the recent crankiness was about our child rearing or if this is just a phase.  I feel like this will be one of hundreds of similar conversations throughout her life.  For some reason I keep jumping to her hypothetical teenage years.  Was I really that bad that I’m terrified of the karma coming back my way?  No comments.

Nevertheless I’m mildly convinced that she’s putting on a show sometimes.  Here’s a clip of a typical sad moment and then one toward the end of one of her bouts. In the second one, she’s actually looking around for Mama K because Mama C’s version of support is merely recording the tantrum.  Notice how she sort of gives up toward the end…

Can you hear Tom the corgi whining in the background?  He does not approve of the Laissez-faire style of parenting.  Helicopter dog.


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