It matters to me now.

As we were tag-teaming the precarious process of [baby –> carseat –> carrier + day bag] on our way to a soccer game this weekend, I looked over at our friends (also parents) and said: “I don’t know how single parents do it.”

Obviously, I was joking.  In that moment, however, we all came to the simultaneous realization that, yes, parenthood is insanely difficult.

For not understanding this in the least, and for not being sympathetic to the multitude of skills it takes to raise kids, I apologize.  I just didn’t get it.

What did it take to be a mom, a working mom, a working 24/7/365 from home mom, a thinking about kids even when they’re away mom?  Why was it so hard for me to give my own mother a moment of breathing room?  Time to herself so that she could regroup from constantly protecting a hyperactive, overly curious, obnoxious kid?  Credit for all that she had done, instead of whining for the one or two things I was not afforded?

And why was it that I, a general supporter of women’s rights and equality in the workplace, was still a little miffed when a coworker stayed home with sick kids or took leave during the busiest time of the year?

My, my how things have changed.  And again, I apologize to the universe for not being able to see outside of my own condition– for not being able to empathize without first-hand experience.  Anyway, a few years ago I would not have sat through this 12-minute clip.  That was then; this is now.  Better late than never.


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