A text pops up from Lucie’s Godmother:

You have an almost 1 year old. Eek! Any plans for the big day?

My Reply:

Nope. We are not that kind of family.


Can I make a ‘Smash Cake’? [without waiting for a reply] Would you like us to come to you or would you like to come here? Her bday is Easter this year. 🙂

I then received a photo of a happy, 1/2 dressed baby straddling a very big blue cake.  Frosting was everywhere.

Godmother clarifies:

Picture Asian girl though…


She can smash a tower of blocks. Wasting sugar is no laughing matter in this house.


It’s not a waste. It’s very entertaining and can go on the blog.


Oh my Gosh.  I’m rescinding your guardianship.  Calling the attorney first thing tomorrow.


Did you ask Kate about the smash cake?  I feel like she would think it was a fun idea.


She is just laughing at you and me. [Translation: she is being neutral.]


Well, we are letting our baby cry it out right now.  He’s been going for 9 min and 28 seconds so you may be making the right call with taking away our guardianship.


Boys are different.  He’ll be okay.  Can I put some of our conversation online?


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