Culinary Curiosities

Not to cause anyone PTSD from their SAT days, but what do the following things have in common?

– pancakes

– Cheerios

– banana

Answer: foods babies eat.  Lucie receives these both at home and daycare.  Continue.

What about the following?

– chili mac n’ cheese

– bean burrito

– Teriyaki beef

If you answered “foods adults eat that Lucie is also fed at daycare”, you are, unfortunately, correct.  Other acceptable answers are: “reasons she goes #2 every time they change her at daycare vs. once a day at home”, “okay, the first time is funny, but this is just starting to get weird”, or “Dear Lord…” 

Now how about this?

– boiled carrots

– cereal

– empty bottles

The correct answer is “objects Lucie throws across the room to express disdain, test limits, or simply because she’s finished eating” (in respective order).  

For fun, take a look at fine dining for kids at  Thank goodness this is not a real restaurant, rather a poke at the foodie culture at large.  However, the Lunchables charcuterie sounds interesting.  Not so much for the hot dog/ketchup reduction/mustard water.

However, I wouldn’t put it past the daycare center to slap this on Lucie’s plate next week.  Should we tell them we are vegetarians?


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