Across the Pond

No… the other one. Years ago I flew from South Korea (aka the “good Korea”) to the United States. I was about Little Bug’s age.


It still floors me that my parents met me after I already had two teeth, a nonsensical vocabulary and some semblance of motor skills.  Moreover, the fact that I was one of many babies in an emerging country’s orphanage consoles me when Lucie is sick or hungry or tired. I have no idea what conditions were like for me as a baby, but I tell myself that Lucie had it way better. Had. You see, now the timer starts in my mind of when I was a first-world baby as of 10.5 months. No longer can I console myself by knowing that I wasn’t always held or changed right away or fed a bottle at just the right temperature. Now the serious parenting begins. Mama K, of course, has never sought after this “cop out”, which is probably why Lucie has survived this long.

As far as my own voyage, a wise man once said:

Thank you,
Thank you,

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