Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Don’t forgo the cootie shot.

Remember the good old days when you packed your wagon for the long journey, shot some buffalo and caught up with fellow travellers at Fort Kearney?  It seemed that neither busted wagon wheels nor fording a river could kill a traveller faster or more efficiently than… diphtheria.  You could be on your course, making great time, when Jenny’s nagging cough suddenly prompts the inevitable screen shot of a pixellated gravesite and this: “Jenny has died of the measles.” Well, heck, there goes another 30 points.

If you’ve ever wondered “Where are they now?” you can check out a fun article about the diseases of the Oregon Trail here. Or, you can simply go to Disneyland, the site of the last measles outbreak. This year. Sheesh.

Come on, people!



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