From the mouths of babes

“Da da da da.”

This happens to be Little Bug’s favorite utterance as of late.

Recap from last week:

LB: “Dada.” 

Mama C: “Kate, did you hear that? Ha!”

[Kate rolls eyes]

Mama C: “Hi, LB! What was that? Dada! Dada!”

LB: “Da da da da.”

Mama K to Mama C: “Stop that.”

And so… I stopped.

But LB is still going strong.

There must be some sort of etymological research paper that can come of this.



Bonus Blog (Outtakes!)

People often remark on how photogenic LB is and how well she takes pictures. Well, here’s a little behind the scenes glimpse of the shots that don’t make it on the blog. Enjoy.


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