Dude, where’s my blog?

It’s right here, even though it has taken me almost two weeks to catch up with writing.  That might not seem so strange, except I averaged over three posts per week in 2014.

So… Why the hiatus?

Besides work, life, baby-raising and the like, I was having an existential crisis about the internet at large.

Though I claim not to be a Millennial, I realize that some timelines have me just barely looped in, like a cat who is making a mad dash out of the room, but gets yanked back by its tail for some unwanted snuggles.  Just when I think I’m in the clear, a random Fast Company article or Buzzfeed page throws me right back in with those selfie taking, rapid texting, emotional heart-sleeved kids who are rocking the social world as we know it.

I try not to participate in social media too much (says the blogger).  I don’t partake in the Book of Faces, try to recreate impossible crafts on Pinterest, or send regrettable shots via Snapchat (or do I?  Ha, ha–J/K, Mom).  In fact, spell check had to correct “Pintarest” and I had to ask Kate what “that thing is that erases pictures right away.” So there you have it.

However, I do have a Twitter account for the sheer purpose of following comedians, newsfeeds and TED talks.  And two weeks ago it got hacked.  Suddenly, my Flipboard was filled with Japanese Tweets, adverts and a random assortment of Twitter Spam (Twam?  Spitter?) from an additional 100 accounts that I didn’t sign up to follow.  So I deleted every one by hand, only to have them reappear within 24 hours.

I was spooked.

After changing a password, scrubbing down my devices and pondering jumping ship altogether, I realized that Little Bug is going to have it much, much worse. Yes, I’m posting silly pictures and anecdotes of her online, but I’m trying very hard to maintain our anonymity due to the number of non-family/friend followers (not that I don’t appreciate all of you).  She will have a much harder struggle to stay private, and maybe that’s not something future generations will even be afforded.  Who knows?  (Maybe Mark Zuckerberg, author of the 2022 Zuckerberg Bill that allows for unlimited online snooping, knows the future of privacy.  Other than that it is anyone’s guess.)

I’ve barely scratched the surface of tech fears related to Little Bug, but mabye that can be another cheerful post down the road.  In the meantime, I’ll be brushing up on my What’s Apps and other things “on the line.”  Gotta know what these kids are up to.


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