Formulating Thoughts

There are a plethora of scenes in the comedy genre when an unsuspecting character grabs a container out of the fridge and chugs it, only to be told by a surly nursing mother that they are imbibing breast milk. Cue comedic spraying of liquid. Determined not to be one of those caricatures, I took great lengths to avoid accidentally trying the stuff. To this day I can proudly say that breast milk is one of the things that I’ve never tasted, along with head cheese, Colt 45 beer and chocolate covered bugs.

Did someone say bug?
Did someone say bug?

I can’t, however, say the same thing for baby formula. The other day, as I was making bottles for Lucie, a drop of it landed on my finger. Without thinking…

“Ugh! Phooey, phooey! Kate, did you know formula tastes like blood?”

“It has iron in it.”


Know what else it has in it? Vegetable oil (third ingredient) and a bunch of science words that I haven’t thought of since the 10th grade.

At least it doesn’t have glucose and sugar, which are the leading ingredients in a competitor’s formula. But still… it’s an incentive to shift her off of science-in-a-can and onto more solids. Sidebar: if you went by the price tag of said cans, you would think Ruth’s Chris restaurant went into the baby food business. Anyway, lest Lucie retain the taste for blood, we should start weaning ASAP.

I vant to have ze bottle. Wah ah ah ah.
I vant to have ze bottle. Wah ah ah ah.

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