Tell me about it


No, seriously– tell me about it because I don’t have time to read a 335 page novel that might or might not be helpful. Okay, okay… I know I downloaded it as an ebook, but that’s because I was attracted to the colors on the cover. Totally beats the boring illustration on the Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year. Zzzzzz. And, let’s be honest: I chose it for the nostalgia of magnetic letters I played with and, in my later years, used to spell out semi-naughty words like “snot” and “boobies.” Except I threw the “i” out the car window in a fit of defiance, and was left with an “L” which made the actual version “boobles.”

After further inspection of this book, however, I’m guessing that this work is a result of what happens when Millennials (the “me” generation) start to have kids. And write about it. From the library’s summary paragraph:

Thousands of books have examined the effects of parents on their children. But almost none have thought to ask: What are the effects of children on their parents?

Maybe this is the first book to ask this sort of question, but I’m pretty sure that the movies have addressed the issue ad nauseum.

It’s hard to pick a favorite movie, but it’s worth a try:


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