Perhaps the most use I’ve seen of our Christmas card

This was sent to me (probably right before it got recycled).

A.C.B. says one last goodbye.
A.C.B. says one last goodbye.

Nurd Alurt


New scholarship (we’ve lost count): nerdy stuff. Covalent bonds.

Our most excellent friend (who just happened to land a very fitting job at the Audubon Society) was so kind as to send Lucie a very sciency gift, as well as the crafty hand-knitted hat pictured above.

Look at that… Someone who uses both sides of her brain. This is very awe inspiring, especially for the predominantly right-brained mamas.

Anyway, the sciency gift is the Infant Troubleshooting Flowchart magnet set.  Not to be confused with the Infant Decision Making Flowchart: 

Rather, the Infant Troubleshooting Flowchart magnet set is a customizable guide for the parents and caretakers.


And it is awesome. Mostly because it reads like a tech service call (“have you tried taking the diaper off and on again?”), including my favorite resolution magnet– the one you could have guessed from the start (“This is a known issue that will resolve in 4-6 months”).

Though there are several TED talks on how infants are basically mini-geniuses, I do believe the following:

(click on image to enlarge)


Kate’s mom very graciously flew out to help the busy (read: generally averse to the whole moving process) mamas pack up their belongings for the move.  I have a seaking suspicion that there might be a simultaneous benefit going on, as these two get along like p.b. & j.

Guess who made the naughty list?

Santa: Ho ho ohhhh... I don't know about this one."
Santa: “Ho ho ohhhh… I don’t know about this one.”
Little Bug: "Well, I've made up my mind about this one, and it's a 'pass.' I said 'PAAAAAAASSSS!'"
Little Bug: “Well, I’ve made up my mind about this one, and it’s a ‘pass.’ I said ‘PAAAAAAASSSS!'”
A very short time later: "So I panicked a little. I just don't get how he gets around the world in one night without damaging the toys."
A very short time later: “So I panicked a little. I just don’t get how he gets around the world in one night without damaging the toys.”
"... I mean, come on. Flying reindeer? Really?"
“… I mean, come on. Flying reindeer? Really?”


The affliction started with daycare and Little Bug. Or maybe my conspiratorial theories are correct in that it was the flu shot that made her sick. She can correct me in 26 years if she becomes a doctor or nurse. Or Wikipedia author. Same thing these days. (I’m only kidding, medical readers… calm down!)

The onset was two weeks ago. Fortunately, after staying home four out of the five days that first week, she was able to return to daycare the last day. Unfortunately, they still charged us for the entire week. Harumph.

And so it has passed from baby to Mama K to Mama C, where it currently resides.

Family germs. The gift that keeps on giving.

The Circle of (Viral) Life
The Circle of (Viral) Life

Formulating Thoughts

There are a plethora of scenes in the comedy genre when an unsuspecting character grabs a container out of the fridge and chugs it, only to be told by a surly nursing mother that they are imbibing breast milk. Cue comedic spraying of liquid. Determined not to be one of those caricatures, I took great lengths to avoid accidentally trying the stuff. To this day I can proudly say that breast milk is one of the things that I’ve never tasted, along with head cheese, Colt 45 beer and chocolate covered bugs.

Did someone say bug?
Did someone say bug?

I can’t, however, say the same thing for baby formula. The other day, as I was making bottles for Lucie, a drop of it landed on my finger. Without thinking…

“Ugh! Phooey, phooey! Kate, did you know formula tastes like blood?”

“It has iron in it.”


Know what else it has in it? Vegetable oil (third ingredient) and a bunch of science words that I haven’t thought of since the 10th grade.

At least it doesn’t have glucose and sugar, which are the leading ingredients in a competitor’s formula. But still… it’s an incentive to shift her off of science-in-a-can and onto more solids. Sidebar: if you went by the price tag of said cans, you would think Ruth’s Chris restaurant went into the baby food business. Anyway, lest Lucie retain the taste for blood, we should start weaning ASAP.

I vant to have ze bottle. Wah ah ah ah.
I vant to have ze bottle. Wah ah ah ah.

Tit for Tat

We will not encourage bullying behavior in this house. Especially when it comes to corgis in cones of shame.

But when the tides were turned it seemed kind of fitting.

Baby: "Whatcha got?" Corgi: "Come closer and see."
Baby: “Whatcha got?”
Corgi: “Come closer and see.”
Baby: "What is it? What is it?" Corgi: "Stay right there and I'll show you. Don't move."
Baby: “What is it? What is it?”
Corgi: “Stay right there and I’ll show you. Don’t move.”
"Gotcha!" -corgi trickster extraordinaire
“Gotcha!” -corgi trickster extraordinaire

The Mamas’ Night Out

Hair and makeup: 45 minutes

Being talked out of trying eyeliner for the first time: 20 seconds

Picking out a dress, jewelry & shoes: 15 minutes


Forcing earrings through holes that closed up two years ago: 10 minutes

Drive to the babysitter: 30 minutes

Getting stuck in traffic on the way back: 65 minutes

Raiding the ATM to pay for 5 hours of babysitting (still hurts thinking about it): 5 minutes

A night out with the one I fell in love with seven years ago: timeless

"Wait a minute... I got all cleaned up and I don't even get to go with you?"
“Wait a minute… I got all cleaned up and I don’t even get to go with you?”