In Retrospect


Let’s see… last year at this time we were just starting to come out about the pregnancy. Mama K was beginning to show and we were actually on our way to Las Vegas (!) for an overnighter with my work team and our spouse/partner/friends to celebrate a successful year. The Roquardts had also just sold their first home, a sensible three-bedroom ranch, to hole up in a third-story, two-bedroom apartment until the next thing came along. Because we were cheap and baby-less at the time, we would pack up a few plastic tubs every night and drive them over to the apartment, unpack, and bring back the empties for the next round. We did this for a month, and since Mama K was pregnant, it was Mama C who hauled the tubs up and down the stairs while Mama K sat in the car like a getaway driver.

The pictures we saw of the fetus were mostly profile, so we dubbed her “Monocle” for the duration of the pregnancy. We would sing her name to the opening tune of Orange is the New Black, because that’s what we happened to be watching at that time. Plus, it was an upbeat Regina Spektor song and we were just giddy about the new life ahead of us.

We had no clue what to expect, but were were excited.

One year later, we are still in the apartment, but now surrounded by boxes to be packed up for our next adventure. Plus, it’s the holidays, and who doesn’t love a good challenge during the most frenetic time of the year?

In retrospect? The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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