This Thanksgiving

To say it is a tad stressful when Lucie is hungry would be an understatement. She cries and pulls at her hair and flails about and gives us this look of “oh, how could you?” It is during these moments that the bottle warmer cannot work fast enough.

That is one very hungry kiddo. But she’s not chronically hungry, and for that I am very thankful. I came across this statistic today in the November 2014 issue of Metro Parent magazine: 27% of kids in Oregon are “food insecure.” This means that they do not know where their next meal is coming from, nor do they know when to expect it.

The Roquardts very much look forward to the weekends. For us it means sleeping in, taking long walks together, catching up on the week’s TV episodes, and imbibing at least one pizza between Friday night and Sunday evening. Okay, maybe two…

But for almost one in three school kids in Oregon, the weekend means something different. Those two days away from the structured security of school meals could mean growling stomachs, headaches and weakened immune systems from malnutrition.

So, when we are sitting around our Thanksgiving table later this month, or even during tonight’s dinner, I will give thanks for the access to food that we have. I will be grateful that our daughter will not have to go without eating for extended periods of time and that her hunger can be quelled within minutes.

Babies may get “first Christmas”, but we mamas get to claim a “first Thanksgiving” this year. Every moment of every day… we are thankful.

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