The Pajama Kid

I humbly write this entry to admit that this lesbian mother has officially fulfilled her stereotype. You see, this morning Mama K took one look at Lucie’s outfit and casually mentioned that the daycare staff would know who dressed her by what she was wearing.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“Oh, nothing,” Mama K replied.

“No, seriously… what do you mean they’ll know? Does this thing not fit or something?”

“Um,” she began, “I usually put her in outfits and you usually put her in pajamas.”

“Huh?” I picked up one of my selections and stared at it for a moment. “These are pajamas? How can you tell?”

Dearest blog readers, if you haven’t met us, here is a basic summary of our fashion acumen:

Mama K's closet: feminine, colorful, stylish, eclectic
Mama K’s closet: feminine, colorful, stylish, eclectic
Mama C's closet: suit, suit, suit, black, white, repeat.
Mama C’s closet: suit, suit, suit, black, white, repeat.

Mama K shops at cute niche boutiques with French titles in all lowercase letters, whereas I primarily order clothes in bulk. Via the internet. Using an offer received over email. When Mama K dresses the baby, the outfits match and there are *gasp* actual layers. I, however, seem to get easily confused by the purpose of baby clothes: cuteness vs. utility? And why does this outfit’s print contain a fish, anchor, star and… squirrel?

Well, either the universe is trying to say something or Mama K is conspiring against me. When I walked in to pick Lucie up today, the director of the daycare center asked me if our daughter would be in a costume for Halloween or… (and I can’t make this up) if she would be in her pajamas.

I then walked in to the infant room and surveyed the babies. Every single one of them– even the very young ones– were in shirts and pants.

Except Lucie.

"You tellin' me these ain't real clothes?"
“You tellin’ me these ain’t real clothes?”

4 thoughts on “The Pajama Kid

  1. Connie

    Awe to heck with them, Lucie was the most comfortable kid in that infant room. I’d go to work in my pj’s if they’d let me.

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