Calling All Angels


Thank you, Hootie, for teaching Lucie to varnish houseboats in her dreams.

Thank you, Great Grandma R., for dropping sweet flower petals from your celestial garden to make Lucie’s world smell fresh and earthy.

Thank you, Nancy, for passing down your family recipes for Little Bug to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you, Great Grandma H., for painting watercolor portraits of Lucie to display in your Heavenly cottage.

Thank you, Great Grandpa R., for whistling Patsy Cline lullabies as Lucie drifts off to sleep.

Thank you, Great Grandpa H., for showing Lucie the manatees from your boat in the sky– I suppose those would be “air cows,” then, wouldn’t they?

And thank you, Great Grandpa B., for teaching Lucie to be friendly and kind to everyone she meets. I know that at least one out of four random laughs from Lucie will be because you are standing behind me, making silly faces at her, or because you are cradling her and tickling her cheeks with your mustache. The world says goodbye to a father, a husband, a grandfather, a veteran and a believer. Heaven, however, has inherited one jovial scratch golfer. Fore.


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