Don’t forget

Things I have to constantly remind myself:

1. Don’t squeeze Little Bug too hard
Don’t do it. Even though I really, really, really want to. I think I’ve seen children with a new puppy exercise more restraint than me.

Hitchin' a ride
Hitchin’ a ride

2. Diaper change time is not playtime
Yes, it’s really cute how she now grabs her feet and tries to roll around while squealing with delight. That pants-less wonder, however, is a squirt bomb just waiting for me to let down my guard. Hook, line and stinker.

3. The baby needs sleep
It is so tempting to come home from a hard day of work and scoop up my daughter. Unfortunately, being a baby means lots of sleep whether it is convenient for my entertainment schedule or not. And Mama K does NOT appreciate when I wake Lucie up and then hand her over all crabby and such.

4. I need sleep
I think that people were generally forgiving when I came into work looking like a zombie (“Oh, she’s a new parent, you see…”). This lasts for maybe 3-4 months. When I can’t stay focused or awake at work after six months, it becomes something different (“Oh, she stayed up writing her blog…”). Fooled all of you! I was actually standing over my kiddo’s crib, watching her sleep… possibly petting her head every now and again or poking her feet as she slept. Then running away when she woke up and playing dumb when she started to fuss.

5. Mama K is the most understanding, patient, loving, wonderful, (did I say patient?), amazing co-parent a puckish goof such as myself could ask for.

Wowzers! Is it blog #90 already?


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