You can’t keep a good one down

Well, that break was short lived. Mama K just accepted a job and will be re-entering the workforce in less than two weeks. I should have known that buying her that suit “just in case” was too tempting. I mean, I’ve heard of “dressing the part”, but I never really thought the adage was true. Go figure.

Takin' care of business
Takin’ care of business

Lucie will have the house to herself again, watching Look Who’s Talking and various cartoons on Netflix. At least this will give her ample time to keep working on her watercolors and that “great American novel” I keep hearing about. I have my doubts, though, since the other day I came across a drawer full of blank pages. Do you think all of that clacking on the keyboard was a big ruse?

"Perhaps if I lie on her suit, I can keep her from going to work."
“I’m going to just lay here a while and let my fur gravitate toward this nice suit.”

Congratulations to Mama K; we are all very proud of her. To celebrate, we shall all get flu shots, as Little Bug returns to the Petri dish– I mean, daycare soon. You didn’t really think we leave our kid at home all alone, did you? Not since we came home from work early and caught her having a party with all of her baby friends. It took us days to clean up all of the mushed bananas and avocados. Plus, we had to replace her Pack n’Play since those goobers thought it would be sooooo funny to ride it down the stairwell, a la stunt-babies. Suffice it to say, we have banned The Cat in the Hat until Lucie can tell the difference between fiction and a how-to manual.


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