Life as Lucie (guest blog featuring LRR)

Hello again. It’s been five months or so since I’ve written and man has it been a whirlwind. Let’s see, I grew 3 inches longer and gained a few pounds, but I don’t really like to talk about that. Tom, the corky (corpi? corgi?) likes to watch where I am at all times. Sometimes he pretends like he’s not looking but I know he’s keeping tabs. I can now roll both ways, so I wish the mamas would take down that embarrassing video of me getting stuck on my belly. If this is how it is going to be, I can tell we’ve got a long road ahead of us.

Anyway, I’m learning some Spanish, hand/eye coordination and basic stock market indicators. At least it’s not the 1980’s when Mama C yells into a large, radioactive “mobile” phone to “Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell!”

Well, this is not a typical day, but here is what happened this Saturday:

Mama C picked me up and changed me, and then she put me down with Mama K (complete with a wall of pillows in case I tried to turn over) while she walked the dogs.

Parking Space
Parking Space

We dropped Mama C off so that she could volunteer for a few hours. Mama K and I then went for a run at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton. Suffice it to say they have a great running track. Mama K stole Mama C’s running shirt and shorts, despite having a whole stack of clothes of her own. (Mama C made me write that.)

After the run, during which I admittedly fell asleep, we came back so I could eat. Mama K watches some strange videos on YouTube, like music videos and clips of Jimmy Fallon. I would be okay with just a circle that changed color once in a while, but I guess the current selection is alright.

Back in my car seat! It’s time to meet Mama C and some friends for lunch. Tie food. I’m okay with just zippers and snaps for now. The strangers take turns holding me and I get to yank on some new heads of hair. How fun.

Monkeying about. No, that doesn't sound right. Who cares, we're having a lot of fun.
Monkeying about. No, that doesn’t sound right. Who cares, we’re having a lot of fun.

Oh, this heat! I napped for a solid three hours after my day out and about. Then Mama C fed me and I was cool until a coughing spell… that turned into projectile spit up all over Mama C. Who is Linda Blair? Mama C keeps calling me that.

Time for a shower! I’m kind of slippery when I’m wet, so it’s a good thing Mama C took a shower this morning. She can get clean by proxy since she has only figured out how to wash me while keeping me safe. You know something? I really don’t mind showers.

All is going well, until I spit up again. Horizontally. Six inches out. I don’t have a fever, though, and I’m still kind of smiley, so it must just be a fluke. Oh, wait. I wasn’t done. A little more now that Mama K is holding me. I can’t be showing favoritism, right?

Full circle
Full circle

Ahhhh… another day as a five-month old. Happy birthday to my Grandma Ro. I don’t think I’m allowed to say how old she is, but it’s a nice round number that rhymes with sixty. Wait, did I get the rhyme right? Well, either way, she can’t get mad at me because I’m really little and cute.


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