Vesica Piscis

My coworker asked me last week when the last “date night” had been for the mamas. That question was met with a long pause and probably a downward glance to avoid her disapproving look. I mean, come on! She was asking this on the Friday preceding a holiday weekend, when everyone else had left the office over an hour ago. If that wasn’t a glaring indicator, she could take a look at my junior partner tether (the must-have fall accessory for all young, corporate/masochistic types) and make an educated guess…

Well, being a mother and grandmother herself, she had no patience for excuses. “You have three priorities in life, and they are linked together like the Olympic rings,” she said. “No circle is bigger than the other and they are all essential to maintain: the first is your family, including your little one; the second is your partnership and the third is yourself.” I can’t say I’ve internalized everything to its fullest extent, but I do believe this is the most important nugget of information I’ve received thus far regarding parenting.

Vesica Piscis

Now, as a bonus round, bits-o-wisdom we did not heed:

– “I highly recommend having twins.”

– “Maybe you could put a barette in her hair.”

– “Daycare is bad for kids. Have you thought about getting a live-in nanny?”

– “Maybe give her a Jolly Rancher during the flight so she doesn’t cry.”

– “You should have a boy, they are so much easier.”

– “Push harder!” (said by a medical intern during the delivery)

– “You should get all of the sleep you can before the baby comes.”

I like that last one. As if we could put sleep in the bank and retrieve it later. Ha!


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