The Emotional Leeway of Babies

Oh, man. If Lucie were an adult, she would not get away with half of the things that she does now.

Could you imagine having a conversation with someone when they suddenly decide they are done with you and kick you in the face? Granted, a baby foot is significantly smaller and cuter than an adult foot, but a jab is a jab, am I right? Now imagine that person laughing as a result of your surprised reaction. That is what we refer to as borderline personality disorder.

Now picture sitting next to someone on the bus who is very content, perhaps even to the point of a smile. Suddenly, that stranger breaks down and starts to scream and cry for no apparent reason. Arms flailing, legs kicking, grabbing at their clothes and shoving their fist into their mouth. You would move seats, right? Do so quickly, before their nose runs even more than it already is.

Would you stay friends with someone who took every opportunity to burp or sneeze in your face? What if I told you that if I don’t want to spend all night patting Lucie on the back, I just sit her in front of me and I know she will belch immediately. In my face.

Good thing she’s a baby who can get away with this otherwise socially inappropriate behavior. For now.

Wacky times call for wacky measures
Wacky times call for wacky measures

PS- Happy Belated Birthday to Anders Cole Brown!


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