Let’s just say…

Pretend you are a bright young lady who beats out hundreds of applicants to land a great job at a reputable institution. You work hard, rarely call in sick, continually offer to stay late for departmental coverage and earn two promotions in just four short years. Your annual reviews are always positive. You have many friends at work and even keep in touch with those who have moved on. You have amassed a folder full of accolades from your former supervisors as well as representatives of other departments.

After checking all of the policies and procedures of your employer, you decide to have a baby. Ever the diligent employee, you wobble into work right up until the day of your delivery (on a Saturday, no less, so as not to disrupt the work week). Three months later you resume work after taking a federally protected unpaid leave. But something feels different…

One day, three weeks into your return, you have a conversation with your manager who tells you (with minimal eye contact and sparse communication since your return) that not only are your supervisory duties being rescinded, but also your pay. By 15%. Fifteen percent.

That conundrum about daycare? Solved. Call it the sign you’ve long been awaiting. You can now put in your two week’s notice and start writing that letter to HR.


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