Times They are a Changing

Well, well, well. Little Bug has learned a few tricks that have rendered formerly mundane tasks… er… a tad more exciting.

Think bottle feeding will go peacefully? Only if she doesn’t pinch your tricep (yes, that very sensitive underarm) in the middle of the meal. Unless you want milk all over the place, you have to keep holding her and the bottle while she squeezes the time away.

How about reading a book or magazine? That’s fine if you are okay with having the pages ripped away and shoved into her mouth. Hope it wasn’t a library book.

Did you want to play a game of Playstation basketball with Lucie on your lap? I take it you don’t mind a player who looks like he is on crack as the baby grabs the joystick and throttles it back and forth.

The innocent look catches you even more by surprise
The innocent look catches you even more by surprise

Are you writing an email draft to your boss? Prepare for two versions because Lucie just managed to send the first half with the random slap of a button. That will teach you to pick her up from daycare early.

Oh, I’m sorry… is Lucie whapping you in the face as you’re trying to talk to someone important? Did she just stick her foot in the dirty diaper you’re trying to clean up? Or sneeze in your cereal?

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
And don’t criticize what you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command
…for times, they are a changing

– Bob Dylan


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