Back to the Future

Ah, summer. The warm days and long nights get me reminiscing, and wondering about summers-to-be with Little Bug and Mama K…

2017– Lucie is burying me as thoroughly as she can on a beach in West Michigan. Mama K is reading her Kindle under an umbrella and taking occasional photos to mark Lucie’s progress. We walk the sand dunes at night under the moonlit sky, answering the plethora of “why” questions from Lucie along the way.

2019– Tears flow as I clean a freshly scraped knee with the time-honored technique of cotton balls, H2 O2 and a kiss. That little brat who just pushed my daughter on the playground? Her future maid of honor.

2020– After searching the entire Disney park for what I thought was Lucie’s favorite princess, it turns out who she really wants to see is Dale, of Chip & Dale. That’s right. Just the one– and I can’t even fool her into thinking that they are interchangeable because she has some sort of insider knowledge that helps her discern one from the other. Lovely.

2022– Grandma Robart shows Lucie so many episodes of “Magnum P.I.” that she insists on wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a fake moustache everywhere she goes. Even to church.

2025– Voldemort! Three’s company for an entire week, since Lucie refuses to sleep on her own. It turns out it was a tad too early to show her a Harry Potter movie, and now we’re paying the price. However, we get to use “remember how badly you wanted to see Harry Potter, and what happened afterward?” for the rest of her life.

2026– The wind blows through Lucie’s hair as Mama K guides our sailboat out to sea. Lucie likes to scramble about, jibing and tacking and securing the line. This is one of the rare occasions when Lucie does exactly what Mama K tells her to. I think it’s the magic of Sperrys.

2029– Lucie grins from ear to ear as she carries her giant, self-constructed sundae over to our bench. We are celebrating her first hole-in-one!

2031– I watch as Lucie lugs a giant backpack through the airport, on her way to Australia with two of her best friends. This is clearly a trip orchestrated behind my back with Mama K, who actively nurtures Lucie’s independent and adventurous spirit.

2032– The crowd jumps to their feet to applaud Lucie’s inspiring graduation speech (14,000 hits on YouTube), in which she references this classic summer hit from her Mama C’s days: 


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