Well, naturally

Our friends hosted Kate and me for a Mother’s Day brunch when they informed us that they were working on minimizing the barking that their otherwise perfectly behaved golden retriever did.  To clarify, this was not simply to increase the overall lovability of their paradigm pup, but also to create a quiet and peaceful environment for their newborn, due this fall.

Though we are usually slow to advise (if not totally mum) when it comes to parenting, our friend’s comment was quickly met with a “DON’T!”  True, some things we’ve done in pregnancy are lamentable (e.g. waiting until the third trimester to begin searching for daycare), but others are quite noteworthy, if I do say so myself.  The continuation of our noisy lifestyle was a good call, especially since we couldn’t guarantee a quiet household post-partum.  So, bark!  Bark your fool canine heads off, all ye dogs!

Things that don’t wake Lucie:

– car alarms going off in the middle of the night for 14 minutes straight

– smoke alarm going off in two different rooms

– Harley Davidsons roaring down the street

– laying on one of the mamas, shaking up and down with laughter at a “Parks and Rec” episode

– breastfeeding

– airplane takeoff or landing

– rolling a stroller over light rail tracks at a running pace

– vacuum cleaner running five inches away

– barking dogs, humans telling the barking dogs to knock it off


Things that couldn’t possibly wake Lucie but do: 

A covered, stifled sneeze.  Seriously!  This actually resulted in high pitched screaming to give Nancy Kerrigan a run for her money. Oh, the drama.



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