Giving Ourselves

As I reflect upon the generosity of our friends, family, and even a stranger or two, I admire each household’s selflessness in giving time, wisdom, and creative and generous presents. Most of all, I am astounded how each gesture is a direct reflection of who they are: playful, pragmatic, caring, formal, experienced, and the list goes on.

Way back in 1983, it was believed that gifts become “containers for the being of the donor who gives a portion of that being to the recipient.” (John F. Sherry Jr. “Gift Giving in Anthological Perspective,” Journal of Consumer Research) In layman’s terms: we are what we give. Case in point…

Lucie’s pink Oshkosh b’Gosh overalls came from our friend who spends her weekends on a tractor and is basically a walking Better Homes and Gardens manual.

A mother of two young ones herself will drop her boys off at her family’s house to spend a few hours with Lucie so that Mama K can run errands, go to meetings or take a much needed nap on her own schedule.

The former Johns Hopkins librarian and her Ivy League-educated partner contributed to Lucie’s college fund.

A set of onesies that read “I love grandpa” and “I love grandma” came not from Lucie’s grandparents, but from family members who cherish the extended family unit, and are grandparents themselves.

Photos from the photographer.

Music from the musician.

A piggy bank from the financial advisor.

“Best of Breed” items from new parents.

Lactation advice from the former lactation consultant.

…this is in NO WAY a comprehensive list of the amazing generosity to which we’ve been privy. But since it is the only Mother’s Day present we received, I can unabashedly single out this very awesome gift from an old-school gamer:

She prefers Yoshi.
She prefers Yoshi.
"Mama C, what's an 'overlord'?" "It is someone who does everything her mama tells her to do."
“Mama C, what’s an ‘overlord’?”
“It is someone who does everything her mama tells her to do.”

One thought on “Giving Ourselves

  1. Connie

    Wow!! Lucie is growing and changing quickly. I don’t know why this surprises me since I’ve had 4 kids of my own and 4 grand babies. Still It never fails to amaze me. I’m sure by now she is surely developing her own personality.

    We hope the outfits we sent not only fit but also are appropriate for Portland weather (all I ever hear is it rains a lot). Never having been to the northern west coast I somewhat based my decisions on Michigan weather in the spring.

    Congratulations also on your marriage, we are all very happy for you! I know it was along time coming, but I am so happy you found someone to share your life with, raise a family and to love freely. 🙂

    Give Lucie a big hug and kiss from her “great” (cough, cough) Aunt Connie. I look forward to following all of your experiences being new moms and seeing many more pictures of your new brindle of joy and maybe one day meeting her in person.

    Love to you all

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