Skipping a Generation

Dear Lucie,

Your Grandma Robart (along with all the grandparents) is an amazing person. Your Mama C may never achieve motherhood greatness of her caliber, but I will do my very best.

While I may never sew you a werewolf costume so awesome you want to wear it two years in a row, I promise to always try to help you come up with cheeky and timely Halloween ideas.

While I may never be a patient Girl Scout troop leader, putting up with my clowny daughter’s shenanigans, I will try to be extra nice to your leader to afford you extra grace if needed.

While I may not yell at the larger base runner plowing into you during a collision at home plate, I can sit next to her parents and make passive aggressive comments throughout the rest of the game.

While I may not make you a quilt so loved it has 14 holes in it by the time it goes to the big quilt closet in the sky, I will let you sneak into bed with us if you have a bad dream.

While I may not bake to impress, I vow to show you where all of the best donut and cupcake spots are in town.

While I may not be skilled enough to help you with your art projects, I can take you to museums around the world for inspiration.

While I may never have to cry along side you when you reveal your true self, I promise to love who you become.

Grandma Robart and Lucie, April 2014
Grandma Robart and Lucie, April 2014


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