Best day thus far

The umbillical cord stump fell off this morning. Amazing. Now I don’t have to wonder if Lucie went número dos in her diaper or if it was just the piece of rotting flesh that I was smelling. No more paranoia regarding infection, no more Googling “stinky cord stump” and no more getting scratched in the face every time I want to smell her baby smell.  There is no photo for this entry because Kate would actually log in to the blog for the very first time for the sole reason of deleting something so offensive.  For those not familiar with this little treat, just imagine a piece of peanut butter brownie that fell behind your stove only to be discovered 20 years later. Oh, the joys.  


4 thoughts on “Best day thus far

  1. Aunt Wendy

    Ok, that was gross. Ick and many other words of a similar nature.
    Can you subject the really icky posts so I don’t read them?
    I am very happy for your new family.

    1. Thank you for reading our blog! I will refrain from commentaries that address the myriad of messes that a baby can create, but to be fair, the tag of this post is “gross.” Nevertheless, in an effort to encourage readership, I’ll keep your request in mind for future editions. Thanks again!

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