On Leave

That’s misleading, because the post is on (the topic of) leave, but I am officially back at work. After one week at home (ahem, working remotely), I returned to the office to resume my duties and drink gallons upon gallons of coffee. Kate gets three months off, but she has to cash out her vacation and sick time to keep getting paid. Funny coincidence: she works at the very place that inseminated, prenatally cared for, and birthed the “reason” for her time off…

Wait... what?
Wait… what?

When we were in our birthing class, we sat next to a couple originally from Canada. To this day, we are baffled as to why someone who could have had up to 52 weeks of paid leave at 55-80% of their pay would come to the US to have their baby, which is among the worst countries for maternity and paternity benefits. Now they lost out on paid parental leave and a gold medal hockey team.

Going back to work is the pits.
Going back to work is the pits.

Well, at least I’m not this guy, who took three days off for Major League Baseball’s sanctioned paternity leave and missed opening day. I mean, come on! What are your priorities, man? No wonder the Yankees keep kicking your butts.

Weekend lounge scene.
Weekend lounge scene.

One thought on “On Leave

  1. Jodi Vogt

    I was honored to be a part of this amazing experience and welcome Lucie into our world. Oh, and did I mention? Mama K ROCKS the feeding experience and I believe my job has quickly been eliminated!

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