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Hi. I’m Lucie and I have a few things to say to Mama K and Mama C. First of all, if you liked the Chronicles of Narnia so much, why didn’t you spell my name with a “y”? Also, if my middle name is supposed to be “Ro” like Robart and you spell it “Roe” like the sushi topping… isn’t that kind of racist? Speaking of racist, I heard you call me “little egg roll” this morning. Just FYI.

And now to the world, I would like to say “hello.” It’s been a fine six days on Earth. I met Grandma Robart, Aunt Sonia Marie, Aunt Dani, Aunt Kellie and this really great lady named Jodi who showed Mama K how to feed me properly. Even though I kind of like to mess around with the Mamas by “waking up” at 10:00 PM every night, I think they are enormously grateful to Jodi for her support and transition assistance. 

Actually, everyone has been really awesome, except this lady in Target who called Mama C my aunt. Oh well. At least she said I was cute. Also, I haven’t been mauled by any strangers, although the “Hands off of the Baby” sign helps a great deal. Plus the stink eye. I’m really good at giving this sideways glance/pursed lip face, such as when I sense a diaper change coming, when I hear Grandma Robart talk about moving me to Florida, and also just for sheer practice.

Ummm… that’s about all I have to say for now. I need to go rest up for a long night of fussing and crying and soiling my diapers. I now have about a .375 batting average for peeing on a brand new diaper just seconds after it is fastened. Moreover, I have outgrown this shipment of newborn cloth diapers, so the Mamas are practically throwing dollar bills into the waste basket. Make it rain, Baby!


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