The Beatles were right


All you need is love. 

Luciana Roe born 8:45 PM on 4/5/14.  9 lbs 1.3 oz. 

Needless to say, Kate was an absolute champ. And I am on midnight feeding/diaper duty forever because there is no way I could have done what she did today. Active labor from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM with some insanely impressive pushing for three hours. 

Everyone is healthy and safe. The Roquardts are pretty tired except little Lucie who has been eating during the typing of this entire post. 


3 thoughts on “The Beatles were right

  1. Wendy

    I am so proud of you, both.. Lucie is a beauty, now catch what sleep you can, when you can. You are infor the most amazing ride of your lives. Love,aunt Wendy

  2. Grandma Sandy

    Oh, that is one beautiful baby. Cathy, you may have missed your chance to take those pictures before the dark circles. I love you all. Grandma Robart

  3. Aunt Sheila

    just remember all those times your folks said “just wait until you have children”….here;s comes the fun for the grandparents.

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